How to get ready for the K2 Base Camp trek

So you have finally realized your goal of trekking to the K2 Base Camp? Are you physically and mentally trained for the adventure?

Rising high out of the Karakorum Mountain range at 28,251 feet in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, K2 is the world’s second tallest mountain. Though the Everest Base Camp is mainly being explored by thousands of tourists each year, and people have written books and articles about the tallest mountain of the world (even films have been made about the mountain), the K2 Base Camp remains mostly unexplored and preserves its atmosphere of danger and enigma.

Situated in a remote and isolated setting, getting to K2 Base Camp is deemed a far greater feat and experience than trekking to the Everest Base Camp. If you are planning a trek to K2 Base Camp, you must be fit (mentally and physically) in order to spice up your adventure on the beautiful and almost magical trek to the base of the world’s second highest mountain.

The trek to K2 Base Camp is basically a splendid march through one of the most hankered trajectory on earth. Unlike the trek to Everest Base Camp, the trek to K2 Base Camp has a fair degree of technical aspects to it; you need to have technical trekking or climbing experience and altitude experience to successfully and safely satisfy your craving for adventure there.

It is important for you to train your body and mind to endure constant physical and mental stress during the K2 Base Camp trek. The task is extremely difficult and you will experience it firsthand, so training yourself physically and mentally for the adventure should be your first priority.

Intense workouts, running, and high endurance physical activities, walking up a hill with a backpack and other similar tasks would help prepare your body for the trek. If you have no hills in your vicinity, you can walk on the treadmills with a heavy backpack.

Whether or not you are comfortable with outdoors life, you have to ensure that you are cognitively well prepared for the trek. Mental preparation is the key for a successful trek to the K2 Base Camp. There is no compromise for this, so you have to straighten up your thoughts and ideas for the adventurous mountain life. Remember, you’ll be required to sleep in camps, face bugs, walk in dirt, use baby wipes to clean your body, and poop outdoors for most of the time!

The savor of adventure to the K2 Base Camp comes with some opportunity costs, but when you finally make it to the camp, the rewards will be so enchanting that you’ll forget the hardships and difficulties you faced to get there. You will not be disappointed with the offerings that nature has to offer you all the way to your goal of getting at the K2 Base Camp.

If you are looking for a true adventure, the K2 Base Camp Trek is for you. You will find yourself trailing through the Concordia and getting epic views of K2 before reaching K2 Base Camp. Every step of the trek is risky and if you are a true trekker or climber, you surely know that the more the risk, the higher the reward.

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