Escape Rooms for Corporate Team Building

Looking for a fun, gratifying, and non-weak group building adventure near you? So building vitality and engagement by breaking out of that exhausting office setting. Break out of that conventional group building trench (no more confide in falls) and join the cutting edge in team-building encounters where office mates, colleagues, and partners all have a role to play. Book your next out-of-office experience with Karakorum Expeditions.

What are the benefits of team building and why are escaping rooms a good team building option?

The advantages of team building—from expanded gathering union to expanded spirit—have been demonstrated in several studies. Work on cooperating as a group and presto you’ll really work better together as a group! For instance, cooperating to beat an issue (for example, surviving a zombie attack or making sense of how to escape from an abandon island), can enhance everything from a person’s subjective capacities, relational abilities, and general execution. In basic terms that implies group building improves for and more productive employees.

Team building with escape rooms motivates team members: I will solve more clues than Barbara in accounting who always uses my almond milk without asking. Seriously though, new experiences release dopamine (the feel good compound) in the brain. And happy workers are more productive workers.

Team building with escape rooms increases communication: In an age where many of your team members might be communicating solely through email or video conferences, the social nature of escape rooms will help them help build essential communication skills. Escape rooms can help foster respectful dialogue, a creative exchange of ideas, and encourage active listening. At its most basic level, participating in an escape room adventure helps everyone get to know one another better.

Luckily, our incredible escape room challenges help develop these crucial team building skills in a fun, engaging way. Gone are the days of team building drudgery! As a bonus for organizers, the escape room experience can also reveal the strengths and weakness of a group’s dynamics—essential insight for any leader looking to maximize their team member’s skills back at the office.

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