• Around Nanga Parbat Trek & Hunza Tour

    Around Nanga Parbat trek & Hunza tour
    Trek across diverse ecosystems
    Casting a stretched shade over the intersection of Rupal, Diamer and Raikot valleys in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan,

  • Batura Glacier Trek

    It lies in Batura Valley Passu in Gojal region of the Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan. The Batura Glacier, 57 kilometers (35 mi) long the northern region is holy with lofty mountains, long

  • Biafo, Hisper, Snow Lake Trek

    Biafo, Hisper, Snow Lake trek
    Trekking into the unknown
    We know the risks involved in trekking to the Biafo, Hisper and Snow Lake like the back of our hands, and

  • Biosam and Chapchingal Pass Trek

    Boisum and Chafchingol, two high passes in the remote Ghuzherav Mountains, link Shimshal village with Koksil on the KKH 17km west of Khunjerab Pass. Traversing the South and North Ghuzherav

  • Concordia, K2 Base Camp Trek

    Concordia, K2 Base Camp Trek
    Trek through the throne room of the mountain Gods
    If you have not trekked in the Karakorum Mountains, you have missed the ultimate trekking experience,

  • K2 and Gondogoro La Trek

    K2 and Gondogoro La trek
    Get the experience of a lifetime
    K2 and Gondogoro La have lured trekkers from around the world for decades now, thanks to the splendorous views, adventure,

  • Nanga Parbat Mazeno Pass Trek

    Nanga Parbat, Mazeno Pass trek
    Experience the charisma and ambiance of the killer mountain
    If you want to get spectacular views of Nanga Parbat, which is one of the most

  • Rush Lake Trek

    Rush Lake Trek
    Taste the authentic adventure savors of the Himalayas
    Karakorum Expeditions recommends the Rush Lake trek for you if you desire to get the authentic savors of a

  • Shimshal Pass Trek

    Trek and Explore with Karakorum Expeditions

  • Shimshal Pass Yak Riding Trek

    Shimshal Pass Yak Riding Trek
    Trek in the absolute charm, drama and charisma of nature
    Nestled between rugged mountains, snow capped peaks, high passes and glaciers, Shimshal Valley is located

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