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  • Batura Glacier Trek

    Venture to summer pastures of Batura Valley

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  • Biosam and Chapchingal Pass Trek

    Traverse the South and North Ghuzherav mountains

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  • Chashkin Sar

    Chashkin Sar, located in the Shimshal pamir range of Karakorum mountain, the approach is from Shimshal village, the first ascent was made by Mr. Mirza Ali and Samina baig and

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  • Koh-e-Brobar (Mount Equality)

    Karakorum mountain range has enormous range of unnamed and unclimbed Peak, located in the Gojrave valley of Shimshal village, in Hunza, above Perchod washk , the height measured 6008m, the

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  • Malangutti Sar

    Malangutti Sar is a mountain in the Karakoram mountains with a height of 7,207 metres (23,645 feet). It is the 104th tallest mountain on Earth and located in Shimshal Valley.
    The Malangutti Sar has

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  • Manglik Sar Peak

    A challenging trek for the vivid trekkers

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  • Momil Sar

    Der Momhil Sar is 7343 m located high mountain in Hispar Muztagh , part of the Karakorum main ridge in Pakistan.
    The Hispar Muztagh is the second most western chain of the Karakorum main ridge and is bordered

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  • Rush Lake Trek

    Taste the authentic adventure savors of the Himalayas

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  • Shimshal Pass Trek

    Trek and explore the roof of the world

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