Tirich Mir Peak

Tirich Mir

Trip Information

  • Maximum Altitude: 7,708m
  • Duration of Expedition: 40 Days
  • At Base Camp: 31 Days
  • Hotel Accommodation: 6 Days
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Season: Summer

Tirich Mir

The kingdom of Djinns and fairies

Rising 7,707 meters above sea level, Tirich Mir is the highest mountain located in the Hindu Kush mountain range. It is situated in Chitral, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

In 1950, a Norwegian expedition team first scaled the peak, which overlooks Chitral. You can get beautiful glimpses of the peak from Chitral’s main market.

Tirich Mir gets its name from the village Tirich where the peak is located. The Khowar speaking people of the village are highly hospitable and always available to lend you a helping hand in your expedition endeavor.

The route to Tirich Mir is very risky, providing an opportunity for extreme adventure lovers to put their dexterity and passion to the test. Some local legends suggest that Tirich Mir is a kingdom of Djinns, fairies, wizards and witches who wouldn’t let human beings into their area.

Stories of mountaineers and tourists falling to their death and never being found are quite common when it comes to Tirich Mir. The crevasses are extremely dangerous and deep. Moreover, the glacier is extremely difficult to cross and you must cross it if you aim to climb Tirich Mir.

Climb Tirich Mir with Karakorum Expeditions

Want to face extreme risks and hardships to satisfy your craving for extreme adventure? If yes, accompany us to Tirich Mir and we pledge that we will go the extra mile to help realize your dream.

We have 40 days itinerary for Tirich Mir expedition. Your adventure starts as we pick you up from the airport in Islamabad. We will make sure that you sit and relax until we get you to the Tirich Mir base camp, from where your adventure kicks off.

Our highly experienced staff that comprise expert climbers, route guides, travel consultants, high altitude porters and experienced cooks will work together to make your adventure a memorable experience. We will take care of the logistics, accommodation, food, safety and security, camping, trekking, briefings and everything in between in order to make your experience comfortable, safe and adventurous.

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Arrival in Islamabad


Briefing at Ministry of Tourism


Drive to Chitral


Drive to Arkari


Trek  to Dirgol


Trek to Tirichmir Basecamp


Reserved for Climbing activities


Trek to Dirgol


Trek to Arkari


Drive to Chitral


Drive to Islamabad


De-Briefing in Ministry of Tourism


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