Shimshal Pass, Minglik Sar and Shipodeen Pass Round Trek

Trek Shimshal Pass Minglik SAR Shipodeen Pas

Trip Information

  • Region: Karakorum Range
  • Type: Trekking
  • Duration: 22 Days
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Season: Summer

Shimshal Pass, Minglik Sar and Shipodeen Pass Round Trek

Trek in nature’s lap

Trekking round the famous Shimshal Pass, Minglik Sar and Shipodeen pass is akin to venturing into a hypnotic world that has the best experiences to offer you.

Rising at 4735 meters above sea level in Upper Hunza, the Shimshal Pass is located on the crunch between the Indus River and Tarim River basins. The pass takes you to the Shimshal Braldu River valley on the edge of the lesser-known and traveled Pakistan-China border.

The venture is an ultimate challenge for the passionate trekkers. Nature comes into full play as you trek through Minglik Sar and Shipodeen pass. The scurfy route, rugged mountains, snow capped peaks, lush green valleys and pastures make the trek even more enthusing and interesting. You will naturally experience a boost in your feelings as the natural aura changes and captivates you every few minutes.

The natural environment, local hospitality, grasslands, the beautiful mountain landscapes, wildlife like Marcopolo Sheep, Himalayan Ibex, and blue sheep, and organic lifestyle make this trek completely splendid. It is worth mentioning here that the Colonel Francis Young Husband crossed the Shimshal Pass to reach Shimshal from China sometimes during the famous Great Game, and it was at this place that he stumbled upon his Russian counterpart Captain Grombtchevski.

Trek to Shimshal Pass, Minglik Sar and Shipodeen Pass with Karakorum Expeditions

If you have a desire to indulge yourself in a soulful alpine experience, trek through wonderful and scenic valleys and pastures and put your trekking passion to the test by engaging in unique activities, the trek to Shimshal Pass, Minglik Sar and Shidopeen Pass have them for you. And Karakorum Expeditions is here to make it possible for you.

We have 22 days itinerary for a round trek to Shimshal Pass, Minglik Sar and Shidopeen Pass, starting with your arrival in Islamabad. We will then drive you on the mighty Karakorum Highway (KKH), crossing Chilas, Gilgit, and Hunza to reach the valley of mountaineers- Shimshal Valley.

The real venture will kick off on day 6 with a trek to Furzin. We will take you on a round trek of the high mountain passes to reach Karimabad on day 19 and your actual trek will come to an end with amazing experiences and memories to share with your loved ones. We will then drive you back to Islamabad and see you off to your destination.

If you are interested in taking a round trek to Shimshal Pass, Minglik Sar and Shidopeen Pass, contact us now to get the details or make a reservation.

Day 01

arrive Islamabad, hotel.

Day 02

Islamabad/Gilgit or chilas.

Day 03

Drive to Passu.

Day 04

jeep drive to Shimshal.

Day 05

Rest day.Hotle or Camp.

Day 06

Shimshal – Furzin.

Day 07

furzin – arbab Parian.

Day 08

Arbob Parian – Shuijerab.

Day 09

shuijerab to Shimshal pass (4745m).

Day 10

Mingligh Sar ascent (6050m).

Day 11

back to base camp & rest.

Day 12

trek to Arbob Parian.

Day 13

arbab Parian – Maidour.

Day 14

Maidour – Shapodin.

Day 15

Shipodeen – mandik shlaq.

Day 16

mandik shlaq – werbin.

Day 17

werbin – chafchingol pass base camp.

Day 18

trek over chafchingol pass to kuksil kkh, camp.

Day 19

karimabad, hotel.

Day 20

karimabad – besham.

Day 21

Drive besham – Islamabad.

Day 22

fly back to home destination.