Shimshal Pass Yak Riding Trek

The Amazing Shimshal Pass Yak Riding Trek

Trip Information

  • Region: Karakorum Range
  • Type: Trekking
  • Duration: 20 Days
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Season: Summer

Shimshal Pass Yak Riding Trek

Trek in the absolute charm, drama and charisma of nature

Nestled between rugged mountains, snow capped peaks, high passes and glaciers, Shimshal Valley is located at three hours driving distance to the northeast from the KKH in Gilgit-Baltistan’s Hunza Valley. If you have the appetite to experience a marvelously organic lifestyle and indulge in unique activities, you’ll absolutely experience that in Shimshal.

Shimshal Pass yak riding trek is not a docile experience. In fact it isn’t just about riding a yak and seeing new places. It is a world in itself, enveloped in amazing experiences ranging from trailing through the mountains, passes, pastures, wildlife sighting, exploration of the surrounding areas and what not.

The trek will introduce you to absolute drama, charm and charisma of nature. Karakorum Expeditions has the tradition of going way out to ensure that every aspect and dimension of the trek is made unique and alluring for you. Our professionals will go the extra mile to skillfully handcraft the trek to your tastes, needs, aspirations and desires. Luxury lies at the core of our offerings and when wrapped in nature’s blessings, unique experiences are born with the aim to mesmerize you.

Wilio- The yak racing festival

Yak racing at an altitude of 4500 meters from sea level may seem like crazy, but Karakorum Expeditions always goes way out to create crazy and delightful experiences for its clients. The annual festival branded ‘Wilio’ is a brainchild of Karakorum Expeditions that features yak racing at the highest point in Shimshal. The festival is normally observed in the last weeks of July every year.

It is worth noting here that this festival is the first of its kind in the whole world and offers you spectacular and amazing experiences packaged in the purest forms of local hospitality. Because the region has remained secluded for centuries, the festival remains lesser known to the world.

We highly encourage trekkers and adventure lovers to join us on this wonderful venture and indulge in some unprecedented and unpracticed experiences. Perk up your luck by catching up with this festival during your yak-riding trek to Shimshal Pass.

Experience Shimshal Pass yak riding trek with Karakorum Expeditions

Karakorum Expeditions has 20 days itinerary for the Shimshal Pass yak riding trek. After you arrive in Islamabad, we will either fly you to Gilgit the very next day or drive you by road to Chilas if the weather doesn’t permit flight. It normally takes 4 days to get to Shimshal from Islamabad. You’d get a day of rest before venturing off for the trek.

Cutting through the mountain pass on the back of a yak, you would absolutely crave to come back again. While navigating over the Malangutti glacier, you will get epic views of the 7885 meters high Dasteghil Sar, the highest peak in Hunza.

Your exploration of the village will then be followed by your trek across the Khurdupin glacier to arrive at the base of Khurdupin Pass. Now this is the spot where you get to enjoy spectacular views of the entire area, including snow capped peaks like Yazghil Domes, Trivor Sar, Yashkun Garden (7530m), Pumarikish, Virjerab Peak, and Kanjut Sar among a range of other peaks.

Yak riding in itself is an amazing and unique experience. The animal is an inhabitant of the mountains, appearing fiercely shaggy and resembling a cow. However, yaks are very humble animal by nature. We can guarantee you that you’d absolutely love riding a yak, which is the best mean of transportation in the mountains.

The yak racing festival will take place on the 12th day under the itinerary, followed by your return to Shimshal village and then on towards Islamabad. We recommend this trek for even the first time trekkers because it involves little walking and more yak riding.

Interest in yak riding, yak racing or trekking in the Shimshal Pass? Contact us now for more details.

Day 01

Arrive Islamabad, transfer to hotel.

Day 02

fly to Gilgit (weather permitting), or drive to chilas, hotel.

Day 03

stay in Gilgit if fly or drive chilas to karimabad, hotel.

Day 04


Day 05

drive to by jeeps to Shimshal walk if necessary, camp.

Day 06

shimshal rest.

Day 07

shimshal / Furzin

Day 08

Furzin / Arboob  purien

Day 09

Arboob purien / shuijerab.

Day 10

shuijerab / shuwerth / Shimshal pass

Day 11


Day 12


Day 13

Shimshal pass / Arboob  purien.

Day 14

Arboob purien / Furzin.

Day 15

Furzin/ Shimshal village

Day 16

drive to karimabad, hotel

Day 17

drive to Gilgit, transfer to hotel.

Day 18

fly to Islamabad (weather permitting), or drive to besham.

Day 19

free day in Rawalpindi or arrive Islamabad, hotel

Day 20

fly to onward destination