Plan your own expedition to Pakistan

Karakorum Expeditions has taken care of several expeditions effectively; Mirza Ali and Samina Baig are well-known professional mountaineers all over the world– please don’t hesitate to ask us! We offer proficient services at a reasonable cost, we don’t claim to be the least expensive yet we are exceptionally glad to be esteemed as one the most regarded and reliable tour operators in Pakistan. We don’t have any shrouded charges or additional cost after entry, once you have booked with us the value you have gotten is last and any things we may have overlooked or misinterpreted will be our own risk. We are apparent and direct in our correspondence, you can depend on us to do whatever it takes to make your expedition a victory. We are also happy to help you with a custom made package according to your need.

How to Start?

There are numerous ranges in the north of Pakistan to decide from when you need to go for mountaineering. What type of climbing would you like to do? What is your experience? Which season would you like to go? How long do you have availability? Try not to hesitate to get in touch with us; we are happy to send you a trip plan!
For those who definitely know where they need to go, please take note of that all expeditions are required to declare the route they are going to endeavor in the climbing license application form. If you require any assistance, let us know!

All particulars with respect to your expedition including the details of all tourists must be sent to us so we can get the administration clearance for the endorsement of your climbing license. Extra individuals can even now be included or changed at a later date if necessary yet it is best to send everything great ahead of time to keep any postponements at the beginning of your expedition. We right now encourage applying not later than 3 months in advance.

When you have chosen which mountain (s) you desire to climb we can begin the arrangements and apply for the important permits. A climbing license is required to climb peaks which are above 6500m; a trekking permit is required for some regions such as the Central Karakoram National Park (CKNP). We have far-reaching details of all tops and the standards and regulations with respect to moving in Pakistan so you don’t need to stress and we deal with all the research material and paperwork for you.

Every expeditions needs to acquire a helicopter rescue obligation of US$10,000/ – from Askari Aviation – – keeping in mind the end goal to be permitted to begin the expedition. If these rescue services are not utilized, the security will be refunded after the end of the expedition minus the service charges from Askari Aviation. We have the capacity to help with these plans if necessary.

All expeditions are required to present an ecological responsibility which expresses that they will bring their trash with them after the end of the endeavor. We will confirm that the group has left the mountain clean, if this has not been done reasonable fines will be enforced.

We will deal with every one of the customs to clear your expedition freight and securely store it before your landing. Any charges which bring about at clearance (during import or export) of your gear or equipment won’t be paid by us. All non-consumable equipment that you acquire will be without obligation if you bring it back with you. You are not permitted to trade it. The consumable goods are correspondingly duty free as they are utilized for the reason they have been acquired for. The unconsumed materials must be re-exported. We have a determination of well-maintained climbing equipments which we are renting out for expeditions and things available to be purchased like distinctive varieties of climbing rope and gas canisters.

There will be a finished kitchen team to deal with you and your expedition individuals at your base camp and obviously on the trek. The quantity of staff relies on upon the quantity of climbers. On the other hand, for our typical expedition extending from 10-15 individuals, we give one head-cook, one assistant-cook and maybe a two assistants who deal with base camp administrations. We are additionally ready to orchestrate experienced high altitude porters to help you amid your ascension, don’t hesitate to ask more query!

If you want to cancel your endeavor expedition or want to delay, the royalty fee will be relinquished. It can’t be conveyed forward to a future trek or be re-funded. The royalty is refunded if the government terminates a permit due to some reason. Expense identified with our administrations will be (partially) refunded as per our “Terms and Conditions”.