About Pakistan

Pakistan contains a diversity of climatic conditions going from warmth in the south to the solidifying icy of the high Himalaya and Karakorum. In the Northern Area there is mainland atmosphere. The Swat and the Kaghan valleys and the southern side of Nanga Parbat are simply inside the rainstorm belt.

The season of year to trek in the North is devoted by how high you plan to go. The weather is friendly between mid March and mid November. In the South autumn time and winter brings splendid dry days and cool evenings. READ MORE

Mountain Adventures

Karakorum Expeditions has taken care of several expeditions effectively; Mirza Ali and Samina Baig are well-known professional mountaineers all over the world– please don’t hesitate to ask us! We don’t claim to be the least expensive yet we are exceptionally glad to be esteemed as one the most regarded and reliable tour operators in Pakistan.

We don’t have any shrouded charges or additional cost after entry, once you have booked with us the value you have gotten is last and any things we may have overlooked or misinterpreted will be our own risk. READ MORE

Terms & Conditions

Reservations can be made via faxing or mailing together. The Tour expense is entirely based on the itinerary and the aggregate number of hotel and camp evenings specified therein.

Cancellation must be informed either by telephone call or by email to Karakorum Expeditions. Cancellation charges will be imposed as follows: 30 days before flight 25 % of the land cost, 29-15 days before flight 50 % of the land cost, 14-1 day before flight 90% of the land cost. No refund will be given for any unused part of the trip. READ MORE